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Writing - A Whole New World

Hello everyone! I'm resting my sprained ankle today so I thought I'd tell you about my writing experience. Ah the joys of just trying to step off the treadmill!

Although I started blogging in 2013 off and on, I really didn't start writing until late in the summer of 2015 when I started my book, The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love, Hope, Pain and Everything In Between.

I had never written a book before and I really didn't know where to start so I started doing research. All I knew is, I had a story and a message I wanted to get out to people.

The best advice I got was "just get started and it doesn't matter where, you can figure out the order of the story later."

So, I got started. I actually did not write my book in order and that was helpful. I simply wrote what I was thinking about and wanting to get on paper or well, in Microsoft Word, from day to day. As I went along I was able to put the chapters together quite well, not only for the story's sake but also for the sake of the advice and the message I wanted to convey to my readers.

My book was ready for the publisher in January of 2016. Publishing was a new experience for me entirely. I have never looked at a manuscript that many times to ensure everything is not only correct but conveys the message I want it to. I also had a say in page design, cover design, and the final book layout. I also got to film a video promo, which I shared in yesterday's blog, and they did an additional video promo for me which I have posted on my Wix website.

I really enjoyed my publishing experience with Christian Faith Publishing. They made it so easy and accessible and yes I would recommend them to anyone.

In writing, I have found a new voice and it is very cathartic as well. I am glad I decided to tell my story and to begin blogging again - this incredible journey has just begun.

Until next time,


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