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I Can't Believe This is a Buzz Word

​Rape culture", the new "buzz" word. I haven't said much but I wanted to address this particular phrase because it is a very real thing for many women and children in this world - not just a catch phrase to sell air time or political ideals.

I have had two conversations this weekend with friends, both men and women, that have helped to shape my thoughts as well as knowledge about what a true "rape culture" is in this world.

1) Men talk to each other differently than they talk to us. Have u ever walked into a room full of men who were talking as a woman and they stopped talking? Trust me, they were being gentlemen and most likely doing you a favor.

2) Do I agree with locker room talk? No. Do I believe there are some men who purposely sexually harrass women because there is something wrong with them? Yes. Should that be tolerated? NO!! Do most men do this? NO!!

3) Does locker room talk equate to a man going out and raping someone? No, that is ludicrous. We're not animals who can't control ourselves.

4) Do we live in a "rape culture"? NO!! Frankly, ABC, NBC, CNN and CBS have no idea what that really is! Perhaps they should visit ISIS/ISIL controlled countries or LRA camps in Sudan? Or sex trafficking brothels in SE Asia?  Then they would get a first hand account of a "rape culture" and I promise you they would not like it! How about the rape, burning, mutilation and sodomization of young children and women?! That is "rape culture" people.

5) Are there real problems with rape, sexual harrassment and sex trafficking in this country? YES!! Do I believe most men in this country are in favor of this? NO!!! If they were, you would see a very different country. Do we need to fight these things with a vengence and not tolerate them? YES!!!

I would advise the news media to go find out EXACTLY what "rape culture" is before they start throwing the words around so flippantly and devaluing what is happening to so many women and children around our world.

Amazed at the "circus",


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