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Blessed Are the Peacmakers

Hello everyone!

Jesus' words are so very important in this day and age. There is much turmoil in this world and in our own country. Our recent election has left many wondering what is next for them and for our nation. I know we all have different feelings and thoughts on that subject by itself, much less about anything else going on in this world.

I would ask all of us, regardless of how we feel about recent political developments or other world issues, to be peacemakers in our own worlds. Listen to understand and not to respond. Be respectful and find places of agreement even if you have many places of disagreement. This will not make everyone happy, however, I do not believe peacemaking can necessarily make everyone happy. Peacemaking accomplishes the greatest sense of good for the greatest number of people and points people toward a common goal.

Paul encouraged us in Romans 12:16, 18 saying; "Live in harmony with one another...if possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone."

This does not mean we will all agree. This does not mean we all have to agree. This does not mean everyone will be happy. What this does mean is that we take our differences of opinion and come together in unity to accomplish a common goal - no matter what that goal is or the situation. We find common ground and now is the time for common ground. We as a nation have much to get accomplished both here and abroad and this can be done for the good of all people - both the people of this nation and the nations around the world.

I will leave you with Psalm 133:1; "How good and pleasant it is for God's people to live together in unity!"

Until next time,


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