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Thankful for my Readers!

Hello everyone and thank you once again for reading! I haven't thanked my readers enough and I want to do that right now and will continue to do that on a regular basis.

Without you all, there would be no reason to blog or write books. I also want to thank everyone who has bought and read my book. I hope you have learned from my experience and I hope I have shown you a little of who I am and a lot of Who God is! You are so valuable and not just as readers, as people!

Thank you! I appreciate all of you! As always please feel free to comment on my blogs or share your thoughts about my book or whatever happens to be on your mind. I want to be open with you and I want you to feel you can be open with me.

You can contact me on my author page by filling in the contact form. My author page can be found at

I am also looking into purchasing a domain for my author page and blogs. When I do, you as my readers will be the first to know!

You can find my book, The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love, Hope, Pain and Everything in Between on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and or the Kobo app. Please don't forget to review it! You can find it in paperback, audio, and digital formats.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again for reading! Always remember you are loved by God and He wants to know you better. You are also loved by me!

Until next time,


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