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I May Not Know the Plan, But I Can Trust the One Who Does

Hello everyone!

Trust. What do you think of when you hear or see that word? Do you think of a person who wronged you or do you think of someone you trust?

Trust is tricky because some humans can be tricky. Do you tend to trust yourself more and your plans vs anything or anyone else?

I can honestly say I have trusted in myself and my own plans more than anything else, including God, in the past. I will also say that never worked well. Why? Because I am a flawed human who doesn't always make the greatest of plans. I can't see everything that is going to happen to me. We as humans are incapable of predicting our our futures and can be easily distacted.

Now does this mean you don't make life plans and that you don't ever trust other people in your life? No, you need to plan and you need to trust others. It keeps your soul healthy and your mind focused. Do you need to be careful who you trust in this life? Absolutely! Do you need to keep your plans flexible? Yes!

Why keep your plans flexible you ask? The answer to this question all gets back to God Himself. He can see everything, He knows everything about you and He sees your future. He is the ultimate person we can trust because He is "in the know" like no one else can be! I have learned over time and through trial and error to keep my plans flexible and that I don't have to have everything figured out because frankly that is not possible. I don't have to know the entire plan but I can trust the One Who does! I don't even know what these next few years hold for me. I have some good plans, financial and otherwise but I honestly don't know what might happen if I really think about it. He does though, because He knows the plan. I choose to trust the One Who knows the plan instead of in myself.

Where do I stand on trusting people you ask? I will admit I have been more of a "blanket truster" in the past. I did not closely examine people's character or their actions vs their words to determine whether they were trustworthy or not. I gave too much "benefit of the doubt" if you will. I can tell you this will not work and it will most likely put you in a place to be taken advantage or hurt of by someone or a group of people.

The last 2 1/2 years I have learned alot about people, those I can trust and those I can't. I have learned to examine character more closely and look to see if character and words line up. I am more cautious in general but not quick to jump to too many conclusions. I am also more cautious with assigning "benefit of the doubt." I believe this is a balanced way to interact with the people in our world. It protects you from evil people but makes sure you keep good people around.

I will leave you with a verse to encourage you to trust the One I trust, no matter what happens in your life. You can trust Him too, if you will choose to.

John 14:1; Do not let your hearts be troubled (afraid). Believe [confidently] in God and trust in Him, [have faith, hold on to it, rely on it, keep going and] believe also in Me (Jesus).

Who will you choose to trust?

Until next time,


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