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Sometimes We Just Need a Change of Scenery and Good Friends

Hello everyone!

I can honestly say this has been a weird week for me. I have been emotionally up and down. I have had some odd things said to me this week. I have done alot of talking to God and alot of thinking.

God is so very good. He is patient and He works us through the process. He also gives us friends who love us and listen to us. During this week, I've had several good things come up as well. I will be heading to Washington DC this week for a conference. Christmastime in the capitol is always fun! I will have an opportunity to discuss my book at a gathering next weekend! Our dept's work will be featured in a federal report that goes to the White House this spring. I will be making a trip to Memphis in two weeks to see friends and family. These are all blessings despite how I have felt this week or what has been said to me. God has showed me Who He is this week!

I am thankful for good friends, the changes of scenery coming this month and this next year (I love to travel), and God's goodness! I look forward to this new year and all God has for me!

When you have emotional ups and downs, remember our emotions are God-given. He understands us and He understands them. Allow God to comfort you and allow others to comfort you. We all have these times and we all need comfort and help. We don't have to walk through this life alone. Seek out good friends and most importantly, seek the Lord and you will find Him, no matter where you are in this life.

Until next time,


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