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Dr. Martin Luther King

Hello everyone!

I hope all of us are familiar with Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy. If you are not, I strongly encourage you to read about his life and work. He was God's man for his time and ahead of his time for that matter. His speech, "I Have a Dream" is a must read! If I could go back in time, I would go back to that day in history just to hear him speak. After all, he would later die for that dream at the hands of evil men. Men who only knew hate, not love.

Dr. King's message of the non-violent, lawful pursuit of justice still speaks to us today. I wonder how many are still listening? I am also genuinely curious how he would view some of the things that have gone on in this country the last 2-3 years. Is his legacy truly being honored or has it simply been hijacked for another agenda? These are not easy questions to answer and I believe we equally have those who honor him and those who dishonor him. We equally have those who stand for what he so eloquantly and gracefully stood for and we have those who stand for something quite different and far from the ideals Dr. King espoused. May we all see and know the difference.

As we remember him today as a nation, let us return to his words and look to his faith as our reaction to the evils of racism. Let us not repay evil for evil but repay evil with good as he and those who followed him did so many times. We are all Americans and we are all equal in God's eyes. No one can take that from us but we ourselves.

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