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Hello everyone!

Have you ever been anticipating something? Doesn't it drive you nuts?!

Anticipation of something good is exciting to me and yet nerve racking because you just want to get to the situation but the time has not come. Anticipation of something bad can be equally nerve racking as well as draining. You just want to get it over with. I can tell you what I am anticipating this year is a far cry from what I was anticipating two and a half years ago. God is so good and He is so good at 180s!

I am anticipating something this week and I am very excited. I, of course, will be looking at the big picture thoroughly and make sure all my i's are dotted and my t's are crossed but I can't help the giddyness.

I am also anticipating all God has for me in the bigger picture of this year; my book, my health, my home, relationships, etc! I am excited for these things, even though I don't know what all of them will look like yet. And you know what? It's okay if I don't know because I trust Him!

I want to encourage you that whatever you are anticipating, whether it be good or bad, let God lead you and let Him be your source of strength. There isn't anything He doesn't see and there isn't anything He can't shoulder. He's got this and He's got you in the palm of His hand!

Anticipating and excited,


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