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Hello everyone!

As most of you know, political blogs from me are few and far in between. However, I think with the current state of our nation, now more than ever we need unity. I have never lived in a time such as this. Who are we listening to America? Who are we letting play us? The media, both sides, is certainly playing us in my opinion and we are following right along. We need to answer these questions. I think there are many other "players" so to speak. I believe we will see those things become evident over the next few months and years.

Unity will not start with our new President. Unity starts with each one of us. Unity starts with me. Common ground starts at the individual and community level. Our new President can't do this for us but he does need our help, whether you like him or voted for him or not.

I think we have to ask ourselves if we really want our country to fail. If we don't unify, it will fail and on many fronts. We will forget why we were divided in the first place. Right now America, we are in danger of forgetting who we are. We have an identity crisis and the only thing that will solve it is unity. We must come together, not as black, white, hispanic or asian but as Americans. Not as men or women, but as Americans. We are all Americans! This will mean seeking to understand before we want to be understood. This will mean listening. This will mean respecting others. This will mean agreeing to disagree.

In unity there is power. In division there is weakness. In unity there is a want to accomplish the best for as many people as possible. In division there is only selfishness. In unity there is protection. In division one can be overthrown.

I want to encourage you to be a builder and a unifier. It starts with you and me. It starts in our families and communities and thereby it reaches our cities, our states and our nation. And it will even be seen on the world stage.

Unify America! Unify!

Praying for peace and unity,


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