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My Road Less Traveled

Hello everyone! I posted a video on this subject last year on my blog. However, I've had several more people ask me if my book has helped me to heal. The answer is a resounding yes! Now I want to tell my readers not only what my book is about but also about its purpose. My book is for others also. My book is for the man, woman or family who is being emotionally, financially or physically abused and does not know why or believes the abuse to be their fault. I am here to tell you it is not your fault! My book is for the person or family who have a loved one with mental illness they do not understand. My book is for the abuser or a person with mental illness who does understand themselves. Hear me, you can change! My book is for all the people-pleasers out there. My book is for all of you who wonder "where is God in my life or is there even a God?" My book is for anyone who has ever looked death and pain in the face. My book is for those of you who think there is no hope. I am here to tell you, there is always hope! #TheRoadLessTraveled

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