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Meeting Old Friends Again

Hello everyone!

This past Sunday I got to meet up with some old highschool and junior high friends. I had not been to my highschool reunion or some other meet ups so I was actually looking forward to this even though I was tired from my run. It was fun to see everyone and see how life was going for them. Some of them I knew better than others but we had a blast at a local Mexican restraunt over dinner and drinks all the same.

My junior high and high school were quite large so it was impossible to hang out with and know everyone. The people I met with Sunday evening I had gone through school with from 7th-12th grade! We talked work, kids, who was with who, our old teachers and reminisced about "back in the day" when we didn't have alot of responsibility. All of us were Midwest City Bombers and most of us were class of 1995 with a few from 1996. That was 22 years ago, alot of water under the bridge for sure!

A couple of us have even made plans to meet up again. I can say I enjoyed seeing their faces. It took me back to good times and being young again. I will always be thankful for good years at school and good friends. I am equally thankful for the life lessons since that time that have made me who I am today.

Once a Bomber always a Bomber!

Until next time,


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