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Be Love, Be Kind, Don't Judge

Hello everyone!

Over the past few days, I have learned some things about the people in my life that I did not know. These things have saddened my heart yet I also see the courage it took them to get through that time in their life. Honestly, I am proud of them!

This got me to thinking about the snap judgments we make about people sometimes. We see them or hear something they say and we make a judgement based on that surface appearance or surface talk and never really get to know the real person underneath. We are sometimes even unkind. I was unkind at times as a young woman. I wish I could take those words back and apologize to the people I have hurt with my rash judgement. I know God has forgiven me for this but I would still like the opportunity to make it right with them if I ever get the chance.

You never know where people have come from or what pain they are hiding. I learned that my snap judgment or unkindness can just drive them further into themselves not to mention making their pain worse. The words you say and the way you treat people matter. This life is not about you. Everything you do and say affects other people, whether you like that or whether you can see its immediate effect or not. Everything.

Love people and get to know them, even if you don't agree with them or how they are living. Let them know it is safe for them to tell you their story. You can't fix anyone and you can't heal anyone but you can be a safe person for them. If they are struggling, listen and pray with them and for them, don't gossip about them to others. Be a trustworthy person. Let God do His work in their lives, He is best at working on them anyway. Above all, be kind! Just imagine if that were you. How would you want others to treat you? Wouldn't you want the opportunity to be real without strings attached or a judgment call? I know I would.

Be love, be kind, don't judge and let God do the rest.

Until next time,


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