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A House and a Home

Hello everyone! I recently moved to Midwest City, a suburb of Oklahoma City, over Labor Day weekend. As you can see from the picture, there are signs of making my little house a home.

I love my little home - hard wood floors, granite countertops, plenty of storage space, a back patio and storage off the patio -plenty of room for me, not too big and not too small! My little kitten, Inky Pidge (Inky P.) has come to join me too! I have all my own things and many of them are new things. God is good and I could not have asked for better!

I am still busy unpacking and making my little house my home. I am down to 3 boxes and some plastic bins to go through. I will be decorating for Fall and hanging some curtains soon. I also have two rugs and some patio furniture coming this week. It takes a lot to move in and get settled after being "in between", so to speak, for the last three years. I was just thinking how fitting that is as I wrote a book called The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love, Hope, Pain and Everything In Between.

I will be posting pictures on my personal FB page and perhaps some on Twitter. I may even do another blog about my home when I am finished getting settled (mostly to highlight the fun I have decorating). This little home means many things to me but most of all it means Peace. I can tell you now, my peace will not be disturbed again by unecessary or evil things.

On Friday, I will be posting a blog about my home called From Chaos to Peace. This blog will explain what I mean when I say my home means Peace and why that peace will not be disturbed. I will also compare my last home to this one, not just what was physically there, but what was going on inside that home that no one could see - the chaos. My hope is that this blog will help others make the changes in their home or personal life that must be made for them to have lasting peace. You can live in peace in your home, it is possible.

I thank God for this time in my life and the ability to look back and see how far I've come and to look forward, in peace, and see where He wants to take me. It's going to be a journey worth writing about and don't worry, I will be writing about it!

Until next time,


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