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What the #MeToo Movement Means for Women Everywhere

Hello everyone! I'm sure we've all heard about the Me Too Movement, #MeToo.  This movement highlights the importance of not staying silent in the face of sexual harrassment and I'm going to be real here, in the face of rape. Sexual harrassment is bad enough. It is also a form of identity theft.  It makes you the some of your female or male parts and nothing more which is a lie. Rape is in its own category. It is by far the most egregious thing that can be done to another person. It is the worst form of emotional identy theft on the planet - not to mention the mental and physical damage it leaves behind. Rape uses power and fear to tell a man or woman they are worlthless. That is a lie!

All of that said, I support the Me Too movement because it shines light in the dark places and breaks the silence for many who are suffering because the sins of another. God did not create rape or sexual harrassement. Those things are not of Him. Other dark things and evil people are behind these kinds of acts of violence and selfishness. The victim is never at fault!

As for those whose actions the Me Too movement has brought to light, you have a choice. You can repent and choose to do better, however, there will still be consequences you have to deal with as a direct result of your actions. There is forgiveness. God will forgive you. You will have to give people time. God still loves you.  He does not love nor justify what you did to others. Please get the help you need and choose a better way! 

I can assure you if any of these things ever happened to me, I would be shouting from the rooftops! I have arrived at a place in my life where I am not afraid anymore of anything or anyone. I know God is for me so who dares or who even can be against me? For those of you who have suffered because of rape, sexual abuse of any kind, and even constant sexual harrassment or harrassment of any kind, God is also for you! He sees everything that has happened and He sees who is doing these things to you too. He wants to heal you and I can assure you, He will deal with them. God wants you to live and walk in freedom! As I said in my blog yesterday, you can not only survive, you can thrive! 

To the abuser, you have a chance to repent too, if you will. The darkness you follow has only enslaved you, not given you the power or freedom it promised you. There is only death and destruction where you are going now. 

I want to thank the members of the Me Too Movement for breaking their silence and laying aside their fear. Silence is deadly. Fear is deadly. Silence kills. Fear kills. Silence will rob you of your joy. Fear will rob you of your joy. Silence and fear only make evil stronger because in being silent and in giving into fear, you allow evil to win. Evil has not won this time! Evil will not win! 

I would ask those who are investigating these situations to take both the accusations and the one being accused very seriously and rule fairly and wisely in all of these situations. You don't have to be afraid of those accused of these things, some have used their power too long to get people to do what they want them to do. You don't have to play their game. Please use the due process that you have and make the right decision in the best interest of the victims. 

The time of His Light and Freedom have come! Walk in freedom and life! 

John 1:5 AMP; The Light shines on in the darkness, and the darkness did not understand it nor overpower it or appropriate it or absorb it. 

Shining His Light into the darkness, 


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