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There is No Darkness Greater Than Jesus Christ!

Hello everyone and Happy Easter on this day before Good Friday!

There is much evil and darkness in this world. Some of you reading this blog have evil and darkness in your own homes. I have allowed evil and darkness in my own life and in my home in the past. Despite all of these things, I have learned this; there is no darkness that is greater than Jesus Christ!

I don't care what situation you are in, He has a way out! His Light pierces any darkness and deception. He freed me from the deception and darkness of abuse! His Light has shown me darkness in others and freed me from their influence. His Light can free you too!

His Light can't be snuffed out by any person or any situation. Today's blog photo speaks to that very thing. Not only can darkness not extinguish his Light, it can not overcome it nor comprehend it! His Light in me allowed me to stand up to my late husband. His Light in me allows me to write about sad and uncomfortable things because Jesus Himself is not afraid of those things and he wants to heal them. It will be His Light that ends sex trafficking world wide - not even that darkness is greater than His Light! His Light can shine into the darkest places of our hearts and heal those places. His Light can shine into the darkest and most evil places in the world and heal those lands.

We have a choice to make. His Light is greater but we have to let Him in. We have to let Him into our hearts, our minds, our situations, our homes, our cities, our states and our countries. We have to let him into the dark places or light will never shine and healing will never come!

I want to encourage you today, not only is Jesus greater, let Him in! He longs to love you and to heal you! You don't have to be afraid of His Light. His Light is loving and good and it chases the darkness and fear away! I have seen this in my own life and you can see it in yours too!

Let His Light in! You will never be the same and in turn you will be a light that chases the darkness away too!

Shining light into darkness,


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