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Answering the Call: Loving and Serving the Least of These

Hello everyone!

It's not everyday that you meet such a beautiful soul and Daughter of the King. Crystal is her own beautiful person both on social media and in person. She is the real deal! 

Crystal and her son are making a difference in the lives of Oklahoma City's homeless, shelter residents, and those fighting addiction. Crystal struggled with addiction for a time herself so she knows what it is to be hopeless, homeless and without any sort of support system. She kicked addiction's ass and met Jesus along the way. She has been living free from addiction for over a year now! I have recently watched her walk away from an abusive relationship with grace, poise and the grit to keep doing what God has called her to do.  I love her journey and I am glad to have met her and found such a special friend with a heart for others. I am excited to get to know her and her son better.

Crystal recently started Exit(L)ed on Facebook to make others aware of the needs of our homeless and shelter citizens, some of whom are also still battling addiction. She also tells her story on Exit(L)ed, one of hope and redemption. I highly recommend you look up the Exit(L)ed FB page. You can find many ways to partner with her to help some of our most vulnerable citizens. Jesus told us to love and help the least of these, the ones who can't give anything back in return or do anything for us. They are very close to His heart and He loves them greatly. I have found great joy in partnering with her to help men, women and children and I will continue to do so. 

I also want to add, she runs a kick-ass clothing store at Urban Skyline Ministries. This girl can organize! I visited her store and I was humbled and impressed at how much work she has put into that store. She does everything in excellence! I plan to visit Church Under the Bridge with her soon. Church, it is our job to take the gospel and His love to this hurting world regardless of their ability to pay or give us anything in return. It is about their souls, not their pocket books! 

I will leave you with a photo of Crystal, her son, and some of their friends. God's beautiful, loved people! Thank you Crystal for seeking the King and His Kingdom! 

With much love and excitement for all God has for you Crystal, 


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