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For Men, For Fathers

Hello everyone!

Today's blog is for our men and fathers. I don't write to you all enough. I know there are many things that not only affect you differently than women but plague you long after secular society says you are supposed to be "over it."

Today, I am talking to men and fathers whose own fathers drove them away by leveying hard, hurtful, unloving, unyielding expectations. I am talking to men and fathers who have never felt good enough to be in their own father's presence. I am talking to men and fathers who have never known their father's love.

I am here to tell you they did not know what they were doing to you, for it was done to them too; from long generations past. They loved you with all of the revelation they had, they could do no more for you. They loved you the only way they had been taught how, some were even taught that abuse is love - and they taught you the same. They did not know love so they could only give you a counterfeit.

I am here to tell you that you are not your father! You do not have to continue in the destructive ways of your father, grandfather and great-grandfather! The lies, the abuse and the fear can stop with you! The unrealistic expectations can stop with you! If your own father is never proud of you while he lives, that is his problem, not yours. You are not responsible for him. You are only responsible for you and how you treat your sons! Be free of the expectations of your earthly father! Be free of the bondage he put you under! Change your destiny and the destiny of your sons!

You have a heavenly Father who can love you like no other father. He does not levy cruel expectations against you. He will not abuse or use you. He is not unloving. He sees you and He sees how much you have suffered. In fact, He was there with you in your suffering when you did not know it. He calls for you. He can be the father you never had. He can show you how to love and be loved. He is always proud of his sons.

Shake off the chains of your past men! Walk boldly into the future your heavenly Father has for you. Take your identity from Him. He made you long before you came to your earthly father. He will be with you long after you earthly father is gone.

My hope and prayer for you is that you will take these words to heart and be the beginning of something new for your families. I will say it again, you are not your father and you do not have to be your father. You can be a new man! You can change your destiny and that of you sons! Test God in this and see, you will not be disappointed!

With much love and hope for our men,


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