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God is a God of the Big and Little Things

Hello everyone! Happy 4th! Today’s blog will be my last for this week with the 4th of July holiday. I wanted to take a break from relationship blogs and send us off on our holiday knowing how much we are loved by a good God. If you don't believe in God or don't believe He is a good God, I hope my words will help you see differently. And if not, you are still loved by Him and me anyway.

I have been thinking over the last few weeks in my life. God has shown up in so many little ways. I had an awesome weekend in Colorado with a dear friend, and the best weather for Pike’s Peak they’ve seen in a long time! I got a better rate on a rental car for an upcoming trip. My car insurance went down quite a bit! My old insurance company owes me a check! I had some painting done and blinds replaced, and they turned out beautifully! I’ve had several packages arrive on time before the holiday and at a convenient time. I’ve met with some awesome ladies who I am glad to call new friends. God continues to open other doors in ministry for me and just last night I was able to speak with a friend and help her out of a bad situation. God is indeed good!

God truly is a God of the little things. He cares about all those details we think don’t matter to Him. He cares about whether we are safe, happy, fulfilled, how our jobs are going, who our friends are, our finances, our marriages/relationships, our pets, our food, our health, our good times, our bad times, our scraped knee or our broken arm, our drive home, the list could go on! If it’s a small detail, He cares about it! If it’s a big detail, He cares about it! Nothing goes unnoticed by Him! He sees you, no matter how small and insignificant you think you are. You are significant in His eyes! Your life is significant in His eyes and has meaning and purpose! He saw and knew you before you were even born! (Jeremiah 1:5) Imagine that!

I want you to understand the fact that we live in a fallen, broken world is not lost on me. I know we make mistakes; others’ mistakes affect us, people outside or inside our families harm us, and sometimes relationships, job opportunities and other things in life don’t work out. I get that and I’ve walked these roads – sometimes by my own choice, sometimes by the choices of others. No matter what has happened to us, God saw it all and He cared the whole time; He still cares about what is going on in our lives. You have never been alone; you were just in the thick of the issue and could not see Him. I can remember countless times I know He showed up in little ways and big ways in my abusive marriage to protect me through friends, family, phone calls, my late husband suddenly losing interest, suddenly changing his mind or even falling asleep. Those were God’s interventions, not mine and certainly not my late husband’s. I could not see it then in the thick of it, but I recognize it now. Perhaps some of you He has also kept alive when by all things considered, you should be dead. He certainly kept me alive. Perhaps some have been able to end addictions and abuses that stemmed from other family members or even generations before you – He inspired you to break that cycle whether you realize it or not along with your own free will that He gave you. Perhaps some of you ended long term relationships or friendships be cause something in your gut wasn't adding up - that was Him! I've been there too! He has been there all along guiding you and caring about the little things and the big things. He loves you! He always has loved you!

As we celebrate our political freedom, let us not forget about a God who loves us, sees us and ultimately sent His own Son, Jesus, to die for us and cancel all debts against us. He came that we might have new life! If God had not cared about the little and the big of life, He would have not bothered to send Jesus and there would be no grace. Thankfully He did! That kind of freedom is better than any political freedom we could ever attain! Politics and politicians won’t save you or set you free, but Jesus can! He is waiting on you to call on Him! He wants to know you and to show you who He really is. He wants this freedom weekend to mean more to you than just something political, He wants it to mean something eternal – something that will last long after our 4th of July’s, our flag, and our nation are gone.

Let Him be the God of your big and little! You will not be disappointed, and you will be truly free! Love, Elizabeth

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