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A Tale of Two Evils and Satan’s Ill-Fated War on Women

Hello everyone! Today’s blog will be a heavy one. I’ve been sitting on this since last week because I needed time to think and pray about how I was going to write about something the Lord has shown me very clearly in the last few weeks. So today, I write to you about two evils and how they work together to wage Satan’s war on women. If you aren’t a Christian and you are reading this, know that the person of Satan hates you as a woman and he hates your children. I hope this blog will give you some insight into how he wants to destroy you and the lengths he will go to deceive you. I also want you to know you have hope and His name is Jesus. If you are a Christian woman reading this, I want to make it clear to you that you are equally hated by Satan and he hates your children too. What I want you to see from this writing is that everything is not what it seems – not even other things and people that call themselves “Christian.” Let us begin. A Tale of Two Evils

Genesis 3:15; And I (God) will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he (Jesus) will crush your head, and you will strike his heel."

God was not talking about a snake, the animal. He was talking about a fallen being named Satan, also formerly known as Lucifer. Satan had come to Eve and tempted her wrongfully and both her and Adam paid the ultimate price. God is speaking here to the hatred women and their offspring would have for Satan (and vice versa) because of what he had done. It is this hatred of women and children that we will speak of today. That last part of the verse speaks of Jesus Christ who will crush Satan under his feet. Ladies and gentlemen, Jesus is our hope against the evil one. He is our hope in this war against women (and children) started so long ago. 

Satan employs two evils or ideologies against women (and their children) today. They’ve been used against women before, but with our technology and greater Holy Spirit insight, we can see them at work more clearly than ever before, and not just in America but around the world. These two evils are:

1) Patriarchy (ultra-right theology)

2) Radical Feminism (ultra-left theology)

These ideologies are both evil and fundamentally opposed to the one other but equally opposed to women and children. This will make sense in a minute, stay with me. These ideologies are not our friend ladies, and those mixed up with them are not our friends either. I will summarize them quickly for understanding and to demonstrate why they are not a friend to women or children, much less the men they ensnare as well. Patriarchy is a system of societal control reaching back centuries in which men rule, have all the say, all the political rights, and all the rights in personal relationships. Women and children are left vulnerable and unprotected against their own husbands and male relatives in this line of thinking. Although men who subscribe to this philosophy claim to be protecting women and children, they are not – they are simply protecting their own interests in relationships, civil and/or family matters. They don’t care anything about women or children. Women and children are objects they own in their minds, even if they don’t actually own them. Women and children are slaves to them. We don’t see political rights taken from women in America today, but I can assure you this thought process persists. It manifests today as chauvinism and misogyny. It shows up in relationships with any kind of domestic violence. It shows up in churches were abuse is not only not dealt with but looked over. It even shows up in the workplace and in school through sexual harassment. It is alive and well and this theology and the evil behind it hate women and children with passionate hate. Ask any woman who has looked into the eyes of her abuser, myself included, and they will tell you they are looking at something quite different, something evil. Men and (and the few women) who subscribe to this theology are miserable and in bondage. They are hurting. This theology promises men "absolute power" in their relationships. It promises women "security and protection." The reality for men is it drives those in relationship with them away. For men and women, they lose their families, their livelihood and many times their lives. They do not now mutual love nor do they understand mutual submission in relationships. They are deceived. 

The ideology of radical feminism is more clever, yet still as evil. This theology promises women freedom from oppressive men (not a bad thing), but what about freedom from other oppressive systems of thought? This ideology bitterly scathes any woman who wants to be a mother and considers children nothing more than mistakes or nuisances. This ideology also absolutely hates men, lumping them all into the same categories as abusers without any just cause to do so. Sadly, women who subscribe to this theology are some of the most miserable, controlling (oppressive), unhappy people I’ve ever met. They too, are in bondage. They have been hurt badly by men and others and this theology promises them "power in anger and hate" of a different kind. Yet it is not power they obtain; it is bitterness and loneliness. They too have not known mutual love and do not understand mutual submission in relationships. They too are deceived. Satan’s Ill-Fated War on Women

His strategy may have evolved since that fateful day in the Garden of Eden, but his motive remains the same – to war, steal, kill and destroy men, women and children alike. It is in both patriarchal and radical feminist ideological bondage that Satan declares his war on women and children. We must call out these bondages so they can be set free. We must speak up for those being hurt by these ideologies in the political arena, the church arena, and the work and school arenas. Stand up for the women, single, married or otherwise with or without children, who are being oppressed and abused by a partner! Stand up for the women who choose to be mothers and find their calling in that! Stand up for the women who choose to remain single and not have children and fulfill their calling in other ways! Stand up for those who have been abused in the church, the workplace and at school! We must stand against any ideology or any group that threatens to take choice away from women in their work, their school, their family and their relationships. An ideology that exercises strict control is not an ideology of love so it can’t be from Jesus, it belongs to another. Jesus does not use control and rules of conduct to get us to conform, he loves us so that we may know we are loved and choose to follow Him. He changes hearts with love. These other ideologies don’t want to change hearts, nor do they love those they want to follow them. They want to control minds and ultimately bodies and souls. 

I know this is heavy material and it may not be well received by all. I am not concerned with tickling ears or being liked. I am concerned with setting men, women and children free and winning this war! Jesus will win this war! These ideologies are on borrowed time. I see the beginning of the end happening now. The serpent’s head will be crushed, and men and women alike will walk in mutual submission and love with one another as allies, not enemies. The curse is being reversed! Satan will not win this war! Get ready! The tide turns quickly!

For all of those in bondage, Elizabeth  

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