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The Hard Work of Healing: Sit with the King

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! This year has certainly been different and Christmas seemed to just come and go this year. Yet in all this seeming chaos, Jesus has been good. He has used this time to complete a healing in me in ways I could not have imagined or even articulated in early 2020 much less 2019. I want to use today’s short after Christmas blog to tell you about the hard work of healing, about meeting and sitting with King Jesus. For it is in meeting and sitting with the King, that we are healed and set free. It is the only way!

I’ll get right to the point today, no special intro and no special decorum. This will be more of my approach with my blog writing for this next year so you have been forewarned. Hard truths will be seasoned with love always for that is also the way of the King.

Let us begin with two straightforward statements. Sit with the King. Get to the root of your heart issues so you can heal, be free, and stop hurting yourself and other people.

This will first and foremost take repentance and a choice to change the patterns that have imprisoned you. This will take time; we aren't making popcorn nor is this a contest to see who can get healed the fastest. This will cost you pride; your pride is causing you and others to suffer anyway. This may cost you friends or other relationships, relationships that are harming you and trying to steal your identity. This will make you uncomfortable, in discomfort we grow. This will change your thinking; with a renewed mind we can be whole and see our world as Jesus sees it. This will require trust, a trust you can't misplace in Jesus as you have in others. And most importantly, sitting with the King and working through your healing process is not "name it, claim it" magical thinking nor does it mean you have less faith than someone else. It simply means you are willing to do what it takes, the hard work of healing at the feet of the King, who knows you more than you know yourself. In Christ Jesus there is no condemnation. He knows your secrets, keeps them, and loves you anyway. He will help you let go of those secrets and heal from them. You will never have a better friend or ally. I can speak from experience. He waited patiently on me for 20 years to come and sit with Him so he could undo lies I had believed, shine light into the dark places, and untangle and heal my mangled mess of a heart. What he did for me, he will do for you too! I'm on the other side of healing and I won't go back to who I was before. I am no longer a magnet for users and abusers and you don't have to be either! I know Whose and who I am! Do you? Do you want to? A new year is almost upon us. Has going your own way worked out for you? Have you had enough of pride, pain, and misery to last you a lifetime? Are you ready to look to the Light? What do you have to lose except hurtful people, things, and mindsets? May the year 2021 be the year that starts you on your road to healing and wholeness! Trust the King, and trust His process! The time is now!

With much love and hope for the new year,


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