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Good Memories from Home

I wanted to share a good memory with you today. A memory my mom and dad helped me make. Did I mention I have an awesome mom and dad? Dad is a computer and electronics genius and mom is a great nurse, a great cook, a great decorator. Both of them are very wise people.

I had a particularly bad day at school one day my sophomore year of high school. High school girl drama and a “friend” had really hurt my feelings. My mother listened to me and counseled me after school that day and really helped me to feel better about the whole situation. She talked to me for an hour while she was trying to make dinner and never missed a beat! I knew I was loved no matter what.

I could now concentrate on my homework. I was in my room doing my homework when my dad knocked on my door. He said he’d heard I had a bad day and he wanted to come and see how I was doing. He told me he loved me and that it didn’t matter what other people thought.

To a 16 year old whose confidence had been shattered in her friends, the time they spent talking to me and reminding me that they loved me and God loved me meant everything to me!

I’d like to thank my mom and dad today for their love and encouragement growing up and the time they took with me, even when they had something else they needed or wanted to do. They have been great examples in my life and I love them for all they are! I love you mom and dad!!

Until next time,


*In case you are wondering why I sign these blogs "Beth, my nickname "Beth" was given to me by my late husband. I liked it and it stuck with my close friends so to many of them, I have been "Beth" every since - which is fine with me. Please feel free to call me Beth, it's two syllables shorter than Elizabeth. :-)

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