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Why Do You Judge?

Hello all!

Today, I want all of us, including me, to ask some serious questions. These questions are more important now then they have ever been.

Why do some Christians feel the need to point out other’s supposed “wrongs”? Why do some Christians feel the need to be “Pharisees” and be “thankful” they “aren’t like others for such and such reason?” Do they really believe they were born sin free? Do they really believe they are without sin? I’m sorry but the mere thought that anyone would think that makes me laugh. Yes, laugh out loud!

Weren’t the Pharisees the ones who had the Son of God right in front of them but couldn’t “see” Him for all of their judgments and “man-made laws?” Just as Jesus said, the blind leading the blind. I think he also called them vipers or snakes as well as hypocrites. Is that truly who you want to identify yourself with as a Christian? A snake? A hypocrite?

We have got to be aware of our thoughts and our motives as Christians. If we ever want non-believers to truly want what we have, we have got to drop this “holier than thou” Pharisee mindset. We have got to stop judging people because frankly, we aren't good at it! There is not one person on this planet that is not without sin, myself included so how is it that we think we can judge?

We are saved by grace and forgiven because of what Christ did for us, not because of works or our own merits! Heaven help us if we tried to save ourselves!

Do you have a Pharisee mindset? Do you see yourself as “better” than someone else or “without sin” just because you have not experienced certain things? Did it ever occur to you that perhaps you have not experienced certain things because of the Grace of God and not your own works or abilities? Are you judging others because you are insecure about your own life?

Think about it!

Until next time,


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