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Birthday Thankfulness

Hello everyone. My birthday is today, my 40th birthday. Let me share a little conversation I had with my brother the other day.

My brother: One more trip around the sun!

Me: My 40th trip.

My brother: The earth must be getting tired! LoL!

Me. Hey! You aren't far behind! Hahahahahaha!!

I felt so loved! Ha!

I share this conversation because I am so thankful for another birthday and a brother who has a sense of humor. And he really isn't all that far behind me.

Alot has changed in my life since I turned 18 and looked at 40 thinking it was very far away. Now it is upon me. However, I am thankful for all the life lessons and time God has given me with friends, family and loved ones. Have all those times been great? No. However, the good outweighs the bad by a long shot.

I believe

this will be my best decade ever! I have so much to look forward to in the coming years. Age is only a number. God still has His purposes and plan for me. And He still has a purpose and plan for you regardless of your age.

Get out there and live! It is never too late!

Living life outloud,


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