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The Journey Continues

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween!

I was thinking yesterday how far God has brought me spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically in the last two years (with my cooperation of course).

A little more than two years ago, I was a broken widow. **Worn out from grief and the cycle of abuse that had taken hold in my marriage.

I was physically, emotionally and mentally unwell. I was overweight and tired. I was just about financially broken. I was afraid. I was spiritually starving. Life was messy.

But God.....

You see, with my cooperation, God still had a plan and a journey for me to go on. **Yes my late husband made choices but I had some choice to make too. I could let darkness, death and brokenness consume me or I could let God walk with me through these days and do the heart work only He could do. I could walk with my broken heart for the rest of my days or let Him heal my broken heart.

I chose the latter. I don't regret that choice. That choice has brought me great joy! That choice brought me close to God in a way I had not known. That choice brought me closer relationships. **That choice brought me the words God gave me for my book. That choice brought me life! That choice put me on a journey. Thought I don't know the entire way or the path, I choose to trust God in all of it. After all, He has walked with me in very dark places.

Today, I am a totally different woman than I was two years ago. I am no longer broken and tired. I am no longer worn out. I am healthy and strong physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually in ways that are new to me. I know who I am! I know who I am not.

Remember, Love has already won and that perfect Love casts out all fear. Love will always bring light into your darkness as He did into mine. I implore you to let Him walk with you today in dark places and heal you.There is no place he cannot go to find you and to love you.

My journey now continues. I am excited about it! I want to be able to share that journey with you through my books and my blogs.

My hope is that my journey will help to bring light into dark places and point others to the loving God I know today.

Writing because Love has already won,


**To read about where I have come from and where I'm going, please see my book, The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love, Hope, Pain and Everything In Between. You can find it on Amazon (digital, paperback); Barnes and Noble (digital, paperback); iTunes and in audio on

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