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Thankful for Friends

Hello everyone! A thankful heart IS a happy heart and I am so very thankful for my friends.

I have some of the best friends in the world - that is no joke or exaggeration.

My friends have stuck with me through thick and thin, in good times and bad times. They have known me in the mess of life and in the goodness of life. We have celebrated and cried together. Some of them I have known longer than others but that doesn't matter; they are all Godsends!

Over the last two years in particular, I have learned the true meaning of friendship and who my real friends are, the ones I am thankful for today. I am also thankful for the "pruning" and "cleaning" I did with other friendships that were not so healthy for me. I would encourage you to do that same if you have relationships that need a second look.

Good friendships are God's blessings here on this earth. Surround yourself with people of noble character and thank Him everyday for your friendships. And most importantly, be a friend to someone who needs your companionship. You may never know what you do for them with your kindness, your smile or your presence.

Here's to my friends, I love you all!

Always thankful,


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