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A Weight Has Been Lifted

Hello everyone!

Have you ever woke after a good sleep and felt something was different? Like a weight was gone or you woke up with a new perspective?

I did today! Everything seemed so different, even my long run was easier! The cold, gloomy weather is not even bothering me (I'm not a fan if cold). I give God all the praise for this! I believe while I slept, not only did I recuperate, He worked on my mind and heart!

This week has been difficult emotionally for me yet God has shown His goodness all week long. While I slept last night, I believe He finished some work on me; emotionally, mentally and physically!

Today, I woke up with a sense of how I would proceed with some things that have been on my mind this week and a greater sense of thankfulness. God is indeed good!!

I want to encourage everyone that no matter what our emotions tell us, God is always at work! He is always healing, restoring and loving us. He will always show us the next step. He will always make a way!

Have a wonderful Sunday readers and know you are loved greatly!

Until next time,


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