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I Want to be Loved, Not Worshiped

Hello everyone!

Today I want to tackle the difference between love and worship, at least in human relationships.

What prompted this you might ask?

Facebook Memories are always a bit interesting when you look through them. I saw a good memory, a picture Jeff took of me about 3 years ago at an early morning breakfast. He was alwasys taking pictures of me. In fact, he loved to take pictures of me. I believe he loved me and that prompted alot of the picture taking (he liked taking pictures anyway). However, I also believe he worshiped me and was even a bit obsessed with me, which is quite different.

Allow me to explain. **As most of you who read my blogs or for those who have read my book know, my husband was mentally ill most of his life. As a result of this, his reality and his world were quite different from many of ours. In fact, he lived in his own world for most of his life, an altered reality of his won making. Because of this, his ideas of love, worship and admiration were often skewed and sometimes they bordered on unhealthy obsession.

That being said, I can confidently argue and I will say again, he loved me but he also worshiped me and was obsessed with me. Obsession and worship are different than love. Obsession is controlling. Worship places people up on pedistals and in roles they can't maintain because they are human. Unrealistic expectations come along with this. Within worship and certainly with obsession, there really is no real love because many times these ideals are based on fantasies.

Love is quite different. It takes someone as they are, faults and all. Love gives space and grace. Love does not control. Love does not have unrealistic expectations. Love is not based on fantasy but in the reality of who that person is and how a relationship actually exists.

I will say that God is the only Person we are to worship. He alone is actually worthy because he is perfect Love and His love is perfect. He is the only perfect Person you will ever meet. He can't let us down and He can't lie. He lives in reality because He made reality and everything else around it.

I want to be loved, not worshiped or obsessed over. Love is real. Love has much strength and can stand the test of time. Love has already won.

Until next time,


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