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Hello everyone!

I am amazed at the opportunities God gives me to speak to people everyday about my experiences with mental illness and verbal, emotional and physical abuse - and not just concerning my book. I am equally amazed at how He has healed me and continues to heal me and others who have experienced something similar! Their stories inspire me!

He continues to show me things and bring things to light. He continues to show me His heart in all of these things and how I can show others His heart as well. What an opportunity!

I believe the church as a whole has a real opportunity here - the opportunity to shine light into darkness where abuse is concerned within the church body as well as an opportunity to take a hands-on approach to mental illness. Historically, I believe the church has taken a hands-off approach to mental illness and has really not known what to do with people with mental illness who are seeking help and reprieve. I also believe the church is just now waking up to the dark undercurrent of abuse happening within the church body -some are wolves masquerading as sheep and the wolves are victims themselves of their own soul pain and pride.

I will say it again, the church has real a opportunity here to help many people, all over this planet! To do this, I believe the church will have to look at what it values in some respects, people or institutions. The church will have to look at what God values more. He values people more than institutions. He values people more than religious ideas. He values people more than politics. He values people more than anything on this planet - he values people individually and collectively. Why you ask? The institutions God has created are only as good as the people who are apart of them. If the people are sick, the institution on a large scale (denomination)or on a smaller scale, like a marriage, will be sick. He wants people whole and healthy over any institution. The church may have to make some course adjustments in order to see things as God sees them.

I believe the church is coming into a time where we better understand what God's grace really means. I also believe the church is learning to better understand who we are in Christ. It is this understanding of who we are in Christ that will set people free - free from mental anguish, free from abuse, free from victim mentality and yes it can even set the abuser free from the soul pain that drives them.

Church, let's make the most of this opportunity! Let's make our course corrections. Let's seek the heart of God, not the heart of a denomination or a political party. I will play the part God has asked me to play. Will you?

Looking for more opportunities,


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