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Snowy Days

Hello everyone! I thought this picture appropriate for yesterday's cold, snowy, January day. I stepped outside yesterday to take a few pictures and to sweep the walk and driveway. The air was cold yet refreshing and everything was calm and still- quite peaceful actually. I just stood in the snow and looked around for a few minutes and listened to the stillness.

Yesterday and most likely today will be a day of relaxation, art, organization and reflection. I have learned to appreciate these down days God gives me to just enjoy peace - a day to be out of the busyness of life.

God gives us many opportunities to slow down and just see the things and people around us. I think cold, snowy, wintry days are some of those days.

I think we owe it to ourselves to take advantage of these down days we are given. After all, we can learn things in reflection and quiet that we can't learn in the busyness of life. In the stillness, God can speak to us and He will. In the stillness, we can really hear Him.

I'm sure there will be more snowy days to come this winter and I plan on using them to reflect, watch and listen. In fact, I have decided I want to just sit and watch the snow fall next time - no computer, no phone, no tablet, no pictures, and no social media. I just want to listen and be present. I want to hear what I normally don't hear in the noise of life.

On your quiet days this year, whether they be snowy days or not, I want to encourage you to use these days to recharge and to be thankful for the blessing in your life - to really see and to really hear. To just be present.

Until next time,


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