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Coming to Conclusions

Hello everyone!

I have come to many conclusions over these last few years -conclusions about myself, my marriage, my late husband Jeff and many other people. I won't go into these conclusions here in this blog but many of my conclusions, if you will, have not been exactly positive. They are what they are and I can't change that.

I have come to conclusions about my late husband that have shocked and saddened me. I have come to conclusions about myself that have surprised and enlightened me. I have come to conclusions about my marriage that have elicited both anger and relief yet also taught me better what I want in a future marriage. I have come to conclusions about others that have steered me clear of unnecessary drama and bad connections.

Am I judging people unnecessarily you ask? No, people's character and actions will speak for themselves eventually. They can't hide who they are forever. All you have to do is watch and listen. From watching and listening I have deduced may things these past few years about others, both good and bad. One of those things is that some people can really throw you for a loop if you aren't paying attention! Heads up and eyes and ears wide open!

Have I learned from all of these conclusions? Absolutely! I have learned what I must not repeat and I have learned much about myself, including what I needed to change about me. I had to allow myself to face the truth in all of these areas. That was not always easy nor pleasant and I have shed many tears doing this. Sometimes I felt like kicking myself, sometimes I did. We have to face reality or "face the music'' so to speak no matter how much it hurts so we can heal.

What has been my most important conclusion? I have come to a couple of important conclusions: 1) I am not responsible for anyone else and I can't fix people, 2) the past does not have to repeat itself and has nothing to do with my future and 3) God doesn't give up on us or leave us.

Are there truths you need to face and conclusions you need to draw, positive or negative? I want to encourage you to be honest with yourself and face your truth. The truth will set you free! I can't promise you it won't be painful but I know God can take care of the healing that needs to take place, He has done that for me.

Until next time,


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