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Who or What Do you Give Your Pain To?

Hello everyone!

I have been thinking about what I used to give my pain to. I used to give my pain to food. I let food comfort me. I would sit on my couch and eat an entire bag of miniture Kit Kats or an entire bag of chips and not bat an eye. And of course this would be after a meal. I'm sure this sounds like depression to most of you and it was. I also felt very isolated and alone at the time which just fueled the desire to eat even more. Why did I do this? I believe I gave my pain to food because it was easier than giving it to God and letting Him work on me. It was easier than doing the soul searching and the heart work. It was easier to eat than to walk away from an unhealthy relationship that was killing me on the inside. It was also an instant gratification, it made me feel better faster (particularly certain foods as they act on our brain chemistry and hormonal chemistry). Food was my temporary escape.

There you have it, it was easy and instant. It may have been easy and instant but it put me in very bad physical health which kept me in bad emotional and mental health. Do you see the connection? Do you see the viscious cycle?

Allow me tell you what eventually happens. You eventually start having health problems and frankly you hate what you become. At this point, you have to deal with what you have created. I decided enough was enough and I turned the person I had become over to God, who still loved me. You see, He had never stopped loving me and neither had anyone else who trully cared for me. In fact it was God who showed me I was giving my pain to food, instead of to Him. He has lovingly walked me through this and provided me with a great support system these past few years. I will never go back to food for comfort, never again. I don't need to, I have Jesus and His comfort is better than chocolate or any other kind of food for that matter.

Who or what are you giving your pain to? Does it trully satisfy you or does it simply provide a temporary escape for you? Is it making you unhealthy physically, mentally, emotionally or even spiritually? The good news is, whatever your answer to these questions, you can turn your life around. You can stop giving your pain to something or someone who can never satisfy you. You can choose to give your pain to Jesus. He is the master Comforter. Trust me, I know. I promise you the soul searching and allowing Him into your life is so worth it! You will never be the same and you won't need something or someone external to make you happy.

Give your pain to Jesus. He is the only one who can take it away and He wants to take it away. A better life is waiting for you! A healthier and happier life is waiting for you!

With much love,


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