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When People Try Your Patience

Hello everyone!

It has been an interesting week of self introspection and good decisions. It has also been a week that has tested my patience, with myself and others.

I am fully convinced that when your patience is tried by yourself or others, God is refining you and rubbing off your jagged edges. But does it have to be so irritating? I am learning the answer is yes. Afterall refining our edges makes us more like Him. It may not be pleasant and it may seem like it's driving you crazy (some things this week have done that very thing) but it's still worth it. God is still working and these things will pass. I may even learn something about someone or about myself which is always a good thing. I may find something in me that needs to change.

I think life will always be about growing, changing and refining. I also believe that may be pleasant at times and unpleasant at other times. I will continue to seek God in all of the changing, growing and refining, even if I don't like the outcome or the answer (this week I did not like answer). The reality is I don't have to like anything. Sometimes the best things that happen to us are the worst things that happen to us and they certainly try our patience and resolve. I can honestly attest to that these last few years. Perhaps tests of our patience are even blessings in disguise.

I believe God is still good, despite the tests in this life and despite what anyone else says or thinks about Him or me. He is always good. I look forward to the things He has in this life for me, even if they test me, refine my edges or temporarily drive me crazy. He has good plans for me and you; never, ever forget that.

Until next time.,


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