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A New Adventure

Hello everyone!

On Monday, I went on a new adventure with new friends. That adventure is a called off-roading or jeeping. I have done many fun things before but never this. We had two jeeps and we all went down to Sundog Trails in Lexington, OK (for you jeep lovers and off-road enthusiasts in OK or anywhere, please google it). The weather could not have been more perfect! The picture in this blog is the jeep I got to ride in all day long with my good friend Brian and his friend Erick. These two are a hoot and they love good music! This custom beauty belongs to Brian. The other couple who joined us, the Beaufeauxs, also had a beautiful, unique blue and silver custom jeep. I got to ride shotgun and in the back of Brian's jeep, two totally different, fun experiences. Yes we and the jeeps got dirty! You haven't seen mud until you see it splashing up from the ground on both sides and going not only into the cab of the jeep because the shell top is off but all over the windows, hood and windshield. Thick, red mud! The shell top ended up back on and regardless, we still had fun. Mud and sand wash off. A little dirt never hurt anyone.

I learned alot of things just by watching and listening to the guys talk about the transmission or something they wanted to do. And yes, I am always curious so I asked questions. It was interesting to watch them size up a hill (these weren't small hills) of dirt, sand, a puddle or larger area of water and decide how they were going to approach it; or if approaching it would not be such a good idea. They even made some of their own paths in the trees. We got stuck at one point and I got to see how a wench works. I have never been stuck in a big, deep mud puddle before, it was fun and incredibly neat to watch how the wench worked both in the moment and in our videos later on. I was told it is always a good idea to go off-roading in pairs in case this sort of thing happens. That made absolute sense to me.

When we finished our time there, his jeep and the Beaufeaux's jeep were coated in at least an inch or so of thick, red, Oklahoma mud. I have never seen any car that dirty but like I said before, it washes off. And off to the local car wash we all went. What a perfect day!

And then there was mud, water, sand, and laughter! Fun was had by all!

Always loving new adventures,


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