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When You Ask God for Specifics, Don't be Surprised If He Answers and Trust Him

Hello everyone!

Have you ever asked God for specifics about a decision and then were surprised by His answer or did not like His answer? I have. In fact I did the other day. I did not like the answer but I'm going to trust the One who knows me and holds my future. Do I have another choice? Yes, of course I do and He wouldn't stop me. Is it worth doing my own thing? I can tell you from experience, no it is not, it just causes more trouble.

Why you might ask? Why trust an unseen God? Why not just do what I want to do?

Allow me to explain. I have gone ahead and done my own thing before, as I said before He didn't stop me (He'll always let you choose). I have made things happen only to either have my heart broken or it cost me alot of money and I mean alot of money and time. I, unfortunately, can be very hard headed and stubborn to my own detriment. I just want what I want in many ways - not my best attribute. I think to some extent we all want what we want. It's part of our fallen nature.

However, if you want the best, you have to trust the one Who knows the best. And He knows what is best for me and you, better than we know. We have to walk by faith and not by sight. Why? He can see everything (the past, present and future) and He knows how it's all going to come together. He is the Master Weaver of your life so to speak. You may see the underside of the tapestry but he sees the pretty side and he knows how to weave everything you ever needed into your life, everyday of your life.

This settles it for me. That is why I will heed what He has asked me to do. I choose to walk by faith and not by sight because I can't see everything in all reality. I can't see the future. Can you?

I want to encourage you today to give faith and trust a chance in your life. Do I see yet how all of this will work out? No, but I know the One who does. I don't believe it gets better than that. I don't believe it can.

His plan will always be better. Test Him, trust Him and see.

Until next time,


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