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Hello everyone!

Character. We don't hear much about that word in our society. We hear about it in terms of military service or military members, yes. However, I believe that character is bigger than military service or a specific group of people. I will elaborate on this later in the blog.

This is what we do hear about: looks, money, stuff, status, talent, power; the list goes on. What about character? Why is character so often missing from the equation and from our lives individually and from our relationships as well?

I don't have "the answers" to those questions but I will venture a few good guesses.

We don't hear alot about character in our society because that would actually require someone to be honest, do what they say they will do and stop keeping up appearances. Character actually requires some soul work and some effort on our part. Character requires more than appearance and more than words. Character requires you whole being. Character requires the real you.

A person can have a huge bank account, lots of stuff, tons of talent, a charasmatic personality, great looks and a lot of power however, if they have no character, they have nothing to offer. They have no substance. They most likely have no ethical backbone nor can they be trusted. They don't know who they are and they fear who they are. They are simply keeping up appearences. For a person without character, keeping up appearances is easier then getting honest about themselves and what they are doing in life.

I have lived with someone with a deep character problem, one he most likely could not help and yet he also did not want help for this problem. Although he loved me, he could never face himself nor had he developed the character to be able to function in a loving relationship. I will tell you that makes for an interesting marriage. It will also wreck your marriage as it finally did ours. I can promise you a person of character and a person without characterw will not mix in any type of relationship.

I would like to encourage you to surround yourself with people of character. These people of character are honest people who are not only honest with themselves but with you. They say what they mean and do what they say they will do. People of character care more about what is right than what looks good for them or on them. People of character care about others besides themselves. People of character love, give and receive with balance and care.

Doesn't that sound like the type of friends you want? Doesn't that sound like the mate you want? I can answer with a resounding yes to both questions!

Ask yourself these two questions today. Am I a person of character? Am I surrounding myself with people of character?

Character is and always will be, everything!

Until next time,


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