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Pray for Syria

Hello Everyone!

I have been thinking about the Syria situation for several days now. My convictions on this subject are my own and I welcome your thoughts.

These days it is so hard to tell who is good and who is evil. The chemical attack was bad enough and now there has been a US air strike on Syria as well. The reason? To decimate the factory or area where the chemicals were made. Time will tell if the President and his leadership were right or simply misinformed.

I do not really know who was responsible for that chemical attack (I'm not sure US intelligence does either), but God does. Why did He allow it you may ask? He gives men and women free will to choose to do evil because if you take away free will, you take away love. That is the same reason we have been allowed (yes we have been allowed) to strike Syria - free will. God is Love, therefore he can't take away love by taking away man's free will - even if man uses that free will to do horrible things, justify a political stance on an issue, or even believes what is done is right. Yet, He is ever present, even in Syria. He is not blind. He does care. There is no battelfield He has not walked upon and seen man's inhumanity to man. Remember, war is evidence of man's free will and his fallen state, not God's will nor His character.

He cares for every single one of those refugees that have fled their country since this began 3 years ago. He even cares for the nations that seek to inflict their will on this small country, although I think you would be surprised at His thoughts on whether they should. And what of ISIS you ask,the middle men? Yes, He even loves those men who are blinded by their violent lust for power - a power that will evade them and is falsely promised. He does not love what they do. I'm not sure He loves what America or Russia have done either. He does not subscribe to the strong preying upon the weak (Read Leviticus Chapters19-22 if you don't believe me).

I continue to pray for Syria and her people who have suffered the most. Their cities are leveled and they have no homes to return to. Most of them don't even know there is a God who loves them. They don't know who they can trust. They are aliens in their own country and abroad. Radical Islam has taken advantage of this chaous to spread its evil throughout the world. Yet darkness does not conquer Light.

Hear me America, but for the grace of God go all of us.

Pray not only for Syria but pray for our leaders so that they may see what they need to see and not what they want to see - there is a big difference. God loves Syria, God loves America and God loves Russia and He is not finished yet in this situation. His purposes always prevail.

Until next time,


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