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Don't Overthink

Hello everyone!

Do you ever otherthink situations too much? I do! I have the t-shirt, the coffee cup and the ballcap for this!

On my way to work today, I was listening to a song by the singer Hollyn called "Can't Live Without." She talks about laying in bed awake at midnight and thinking over her life and situations. I can trully identify with that. I have done that on many occasions, in fact I was awake at midnight last night overthinking some things again. I'm sure you could see the steam coming out of my ears from all the work my brain was doing.

The Lord showed me overthinking does two things for you; 1) it robs you of sleep, and 2) you aren't trusting Him when you overthink - you are simply trying to control everything and figure it all out which you can't do anyway.

Overthinking just stresses you out and it doesn't change any situation. Overthinking gives you more to think about, not less. I have decided last night was the last night that overthinking was going to rob me of sleep and peace. Everything will work out the way God intends it to and I can rest in that. It may not work out the way I thought it should but it will work out for my best. God always works things for our best.

Don't overthink. Trust. His best is THE Best. You won't go wrong and you will sleep better.

Have a great Wednesday!

Until next time,


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