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Adventures in Exercising

Hello everyone! I thought I'd write about a lighter subject today, my adventures in exercising! LOL! I'll throw in some benefits too.

I have recently started a new fitness class called Fit Camp with Key Fitness. This will be my first full week of Fit Camp with today's class. We meet three days a week in the evenings. The goal of our class is to work the total body and build and tone muscle from head to toe. We do not body build per say, we strengthen and tone and in the process this builds muscle. We also do cardio elements which helps with endurance. I and the others also do other things like run, walk, weights, etc. when we are not doing Fit Camp. I have actually made it back to my 3 mile runs after an injury and a health issue. I am thankful for this and plan to increase my maintenance running in between Fit Camp days.

My friend Michelle Key (Key Fitness of Norman, OK) is our trainer/instructor. She is a great encourager and motivator. I have met some wonderful people and I am learning some new exercise skills. In fact, I have learned some boxing moves recently. I learned on Wednesday night that a long time friend is a natural at boxing, trust me I held the punching bag for her. LOL! I have worked muscles I didn't even think I had. I have done things I did not think I could do. I have endured 100 + degree heat along with our trainer and other Fit Camp friends to be the best we can be. I have also learned what I should not do with this more challenging physical fitness - never forget your water and Gatorade, never! LOL!

Afterall, that is what physical fitness is about - being the best you can be. Physical fitness helps you be the best you can be not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. You feel better in your body, mind and soul. You can clear you head, think better and faster and you are stronger physically and mentally. Physical fitness also aids in your body's ability to control blood pressure, decrease bad cholesterol, fight fat build up, increase lung capacity, and aid in better overall joint movement. It is a natural high, as I have said about running before- no need for any other kind of drug.

I want to encourage all my readers to make physical fitness a priority. There is only one you and you only get this one life to take care of you. Find what works for you whether that be running, walking, rowing, a fitness camp, weights, sports, swimming, etc. Make your body work for you. Make your health a priority starting today.

Until next time,


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