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Thoughts on 9/11

Hello everyone. This day always sneaks up on me. Maybe it's because it's one of the saddest days in American history, maybe it's because I prefer not to have it foremost in my mind, perhaps a little of both. Either way, it still makes me sad and I know it saddens the heart of God.

I wanted to take some time to talk about how we can honor those who lost their lives on 9/11/01, 16 years ago. As well as how we can honor this part of our tragic history.

I know that no one will ever forget where they were that morning and what they were doing. I know that no one will ever forget those images that have been burned into our brains. I have no doubt that many of us questioned our faith that day and our sanity. I know I did.

I am only sure of one thing, God is still good and He Did Not bring that as punishment on America. He Did Not kill those people, evil men killed those people and evil men knocked those buildings down and destoryed a part of our Pentagon. The heart of God cried that day, at the evil and brutality of certain men who were confused by their ideology. A radical ideology of hate, murder and darkness. God is not the Allah these men worship; He never has been and He never will be.

Many Muslims were as shocked as the rest of us. I am sure many throughout the world questioned their faith as well wondering if that is what it took to be a good Muslim and could they do such a thing. Did you know that many Muslims have turned to Jesus as a result of 9/11? It turns out they could not do such a thing and did not agree with such a horrible act of terror and violence - many of these **Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) are undercover in countries you can't even imagine would have Christians and many are here in the US today. There are also many practicing Muslims who still to this day renounce 9/11 as an act of terror and will not stand with radical Islam.

So how do we honor the victims of 9/11, the innocent ones? How do we honor this history?

We remember and we move forward. We make the world a better place. We make this country a better place. We take a stand against evil in all of its forms. We make sure a 9/11 never happens again. We stand with Muslim Americans against this type of hate. We stand with other countries including other Muslim countries against this type of hate. We pray for Muslims and love them and we pray for our MBBs around the world! We let the world know that radical Islam will not win! We let the world know that Love has already won and Love drives out all darkness! This is how we honor the innocent ones. This how we honor ourselves, our country and our military members. This is how we honor this history and make sure it never repeats itself again.



**If you would like to know more about MBBs, please see Nik Ripken's book The Insanity of Obedience. It is a fantastic and intense read but well worth it! It will change the way you view Muslims.

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