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Finally Settled!

Hello everyone! This won't be a long blog but I wanted to take a few minutes to say I am finally settled in my new home. I love it! I can't wait to use my new patio furniture on these cool mornings and evenings we will be having soon! I thought I'd include a picture.

I don't have anything else to unpack. Happy dance! I have everything organized! Another happy dance! I am in the process of making the house cozy and inviting. I want my home to not only be a haven for me but for others as well. This is a place of love, joy, peace, laughter, lighthearted and serious talks, food, friends and family.

I want everyone who enters my home to feel loved and cared for in a real way. I want them to feel at home and comfortable being themselves, edges and all.

Chaos, strife and confusion need not apply. There is no darkness here nor any tolerance of evil.

The other day in the blog From Chaos to Peace I explained how important this home is to me, what it means to me and why. I want to say again not only am I settled into my home but my home is settled with peace. His Peace. I wouldn't have it any other way!

And just so you know, I can't wait to decorate for Christmas again! And yes, I will have a pic in a blog closer to time!

Settling in,


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