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Men, We Need You!

Hello everyone!

Today's blog is for all you good men out there, and I know there are plenty of you. We need you! Yes, we need you! I'm not talking about necessarily in the relationship sense, althought you are very important to us there as well. I am talking more about a socially aware and socially conscious need. This blog is not meant to chastize you but to spur you to get involved in your families and the issues of our day that affect women and children alike.

We need you to stand with us and help human trafficking victims and stop this atrocious crime that destroys women, children and families! There was not one man in my human trafficking training, not one and that made me sad. Where are you men? Why are you not standing up for these women and children and opposing the members of your same sex who buy them and use and abuse them through trafficking? We need you! I believe 95% of men do not like this crime nor would they participate in it yet where are their voices? We need you men!

We need you to be present in our families! Your greatest and most powerful influence lies in the family. Your kids need you! You wife or significant other needs you! Children without present fathers don't fare as well as the ones who have fathers in their lives, and if they do, they deal with a lot of issues along the way to get their lives back on track. It is physically and emotionally impossible for a woman to be both the father and the mother, although I know many women who are (because they must be) and who are doing the very best they can and doing well. Kudos to you ladies!

Men, that does not absolve you of this responsibility. We need you as fathers! Why have some of you laid this aside? How many women would not choose abortion if they knew their partner would support them and be there for them? If they knew they and their baby would be safe and loved? How many women would keep their babies instead of giving them up for adoption if they knew their partner would support them, be there for them and love their child too? I am in no way saying that a women's choice to get an abortion is a man's fault, that is between her and God. I am also not saying that a women's choice to give up her baby for adoption is a man's fault. What I am saying is this, a woman who knows she is loved and supported by the man in her life and that their baby will be loved will not make a hasty decision out of fear or insecurity. Children who know they are loved will not make decisions out of fear or insecurity. Men, you are the embodiment of security in your famlies. You can be the embodiment of love, it's your choice.

Men we need you on the forfront of domestic violence issues! I know many of you are appalled by domestic violence, take a stand with us! The majority of the domestic violent acts committed in this country and around the world are by members of your own sex. That does not make all men bad, that just makes it all the more important you stand with us to combat and stop such things!

Men, you carry more "weight" in this world than you know. You have far more influence than you are aware of. Men will listen to other men far more often then they will listen to women at times. What or who are you afraid of? What is holding you back? You have a voice and we need you!

I will shout it from the rooftops! We need you men! You are valuable! Your voice is valuable! Your presence is valuable! Your goodness is valuable! This is not about a power struggle. This is not about politics. This is about standing together against evil! Men, will you stand with us?

We need you!!

Calling all men,


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