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We The People Are All People Jesus Died For!

Hello everyone! It's early and I have some things on my mind.

There is alot of crazy stuff going on in our country right now. I know many of you may not even know what to think. Some days I don't either. Yet, there is still hope! 

I want you to remember that all of us, We The People, regardless of our race or political affiliation, are all people Jesus died for. He died to set us all free from our sin and eternity away from Him. He loves all of us! The citizen, the immigrant, black, white, hispanic, asian, criminal and non-criminal alike, he loves us all and values us all the same! He does not care about our race, political affiliation or your past. He is not political. Heaven is not political. There will be people there from every tribe and nation yet there will be no flags and no country borderlines. No nationalism, no socialism.  Our new Earth will be the same and King Jesus will rule with peace and justice for all people!  

If nothing can unify us in this nation, the fact that Jesus loves all of us and died for all of us should! The fact that He sees all of us with the same love and compassion should help us see each other that way too! 

There won't be flags to solute in Heaven and no national anthems of any kind. We will not see color of skin there, only people. There will be no evil! There will be no news media to influence us to the Right or Left. There will be no Right or Left. Our new earth is coming too and it will be full of peace and justice for all! This ladies and gentlemen is the Kingdom of God! Don't you want to be a part of that? I do! 

I hope these words will not only encourage you in this time but show us all that we can unite as We The People in this country under the name of Jesus and all evil will flee! All evil! Will you choose Jesus? Will you choose love over hate? Will you choose unity over division? Will you choose good over evil?  The choice is ours America!

One of many We The People,


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