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Pharisees, Yes They Are Still Around

Hello everyone! I want to talk for a bit about the modern day pharisee. Have you ever met a "pharisee?" I have. They are not just the antagonists of Jesus' time. They are with us even today. 

They usually enjoy telling the rest of us how to behave or how we should feel. They are cold, callous rule followers. They are just the same as they were in Jesus time only it's the 21st century now.

In fact, I spoke to one the other day. So sure of himself he was. That is usually their biggest mistake, their pride. Jesus described them as white washed tombs. They look good on the outside but inside they are rotten, meaning their hearts are not right and neither are their motives. They may know scripture but their hearts are far from God. They judge to feel better about themselves when in fact they hate themselves. The apostle Paul said they don't know grace and can't receive it unless they repent. That would be a horrible way to live your life if you ask me. A very sad life I think. 

A Pharisees will always tell you how bad you are and they don't care about your feelings. They follow the rules best and know one can tell them differently. Yet their is no life in them, only law and only rotteness. They do not know grace, mercy or love. 

When you find yourself in a conversation with a pharisee, move on. End the conversation and don't get angry. Don't argue, it gives them more fuel. They hate not having the last word. Remind them they can't define you and don't know you - they hate knowing they don't know everything.

Most of all, rest in the grace God has given to you and know only He can define you, not your past, not anyone or anything else. 

Leaving no room for white washed tombs,


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