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Calling All Men Who are Good and Just!

Hello everyone! Today I am calling on all men who are good and just! We need your help! I have made a similar plea before in a different blog regarding anti-human trafficking and the importantance of men getting involved. I am making my plea again today!

All good and just men, we need you! We need you involved in social justice issues like anti-human trafficking and domestic violence prevention. It is not enough that you simply agree with these premises, you must act! I know there are alot of good men out there who care about the women and children in their lives as well as women and children's issues. We need you! Other men will follow your example! Men, you are instrumental in ending issues like human trafficking and domestic violence. The evil men who do these things need to hear good and just men say "enough!!", and then watch them actually do something about it. Talk about getting their attention, you would overnight! Our lawmakers need to understand that you have a stake in these issues and you will act accordingly, up to and including holding them responsible for the law they make in our communities and in our country.

There is power in a group of determined men and women who work together! There is much power! Women can't stand against these issues alone! We need to help each other! I am calling on all good and just men! Come and walk beside us! Together, let's end the suffering and death that is domestic violence and human trafficking! Men, you have power you do not know, yet you have layed it down. Pick up your swords, take your place! Fight for the women and children who cannot fight for themselves!

Calling all good and just men,


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