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The Deadliness of Silence

Hello everyone!

He looks a bit ominous doesn't he? I think this photo goes along with the subject of today's blog quite well. The shadows hide many dark and ugly things that wish for you to remain silent, things that do not wish to be exposed in the light for what they are. We've all heard silence is deafening and it can be for good reasons. However, I am also here to tell you silence can be deadly, particularly in abusive situations. Silence and fear have killed more people in our society than we probably care to imagine.

I have talked about the deadliness of silence in my book, The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love, Pain, Hope and Everything In-Between and also in many of my blogs. Today, I wanted to highlight it specifically.

The problem with silence where evil is present is silence assumes, give the impression and even pretends nothing is wrong, nothing is evil. Silence says to the abuser "it's okay to treat me that way" when in reality it is not okay to treat you that way. Silence is also fear-based as many who remain silent about abuse in their lives are afraid of their abusers. I understand this, believe me, but you must break that silence if you want anything to change. The one trying to keep you silent is counting on the fact that you are afraid and that you are going to roll over and "play dead" with "dead" becoming a reality for some. Abusers have built their entire plan on the premise that they have you right where they want you and that you won't tell the truth. They pride themselves in your isolation and your pain. If you are in a relationship or a marriage like this, does that person really love you? If you don't know, I implore you to read 1 Corinthians Chapter 13.

When I finally said something to my family about the abuse going on in my marriage (after I was in a safe place), it was not only a great relief but it let the light in. It allowed me to be free of his influence and of fear. He no longer held the power over me he thought he could weld. His behavior was exposed to the light and that caused great discomfort to him. The light exposes evil and makes it squirm - evil so desperately wants to find the dark again to hide itself. Breaking the silence gives evil no safe place to go. Lies no longer work on the victim or on others. Remember, abuse is all about lies. The abuser's entire plan is exposed. They are exposed for who they really are in the light of truth! The truth destroys the foundation of their lies and their plans to harm you. They cant' stand. The abusers world comes crashing down around him or her and they will not be able to rebuild it.

I have read about countless men, women and children who stayed silent in the face of abuse and did not live to tell about it. As I have said before, the end purpose of abuse is death, either who you really are inside dies, you die literally or both. Ending the silence can thrawt this purpose. Ending the silence can save your life and that of your children's lives! Ending the silence puts evil on the run! Ending the silence exposes the lies! Ending the silence brings you freedom!

If you remember nothing else from this blog, remember this: In silence and suffering, evil continues and abounds. In speaking the truth, life and freedom come! Get to a safe place! Speak your truth, break your silence and end the reign of terror (aka fear) you have suffered under for far too long. The darkness will never overcome the light (John 1:5). It simply is not capable of standing in the light. It will always fall.

Freedom and new life is awaiting you, all you have to do is speak!

Breaking the silence,


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