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Emotional Theft and Healing

Hello everyone!

What is the true toll of emotional theft? Can it make you feel like your head is literally exploding like today's picture demonstrates? It is worse than physical theft? Is there a way to get back what was stolen from us?

I believe the toll of emotional theft can be lifelong if we don't deal with the hurt. And yes, it can make your head feel like it is exploding. It would seem easier for your head to explode than for you to deal with the pain of what someone has stolen from your emotional bank. Yes, I believe it is worse than physical theft. At least with physical theft, you can usually replace what has been stolen such as money, jewelry, clothing, electronics, etc. With emotional theft, you can't always replace what has been stolen because a part of you has been stolen. Even in the restoration God can provide (and he can give you back what was stolen), you will not see life the same way. I know I don't see life the same way I viewed it 6 years ago. This is not a bad thing and can prevent you from making either the same mistake and/or allowing that same type of person back into your life.

Allow me to go back to the first question. The true toll of emotional theft affects our other relatioships. It can affect our health, both mentally and physically. It affects our trust mechanism and if we don't deal with the hurt it will damage our trust mechanism permanently. This is the reason for hate and isolation - the trust mechanism is permanently damaged. This is the reason so many men and women choose to never have anything to do with the opposite sex again - a damaged trust mechanism.

However, I also believe we need not to stay where we are - in other words we don't need to wallow in our hurt. Why let the emotional thief win? Why hate people and be isolated from others? Afterall that is what the emotional thief wants. They want to know they can beat you down and win. They seek to leave you permanently damaged. Why give them the satisfaction? You weren't made to wallow in your hurt - you were made to be free! You can have your dignity, your freedom, your heart and your life back! Remember I said God was in the restoring business yesterday and again today? I also said he can give you back what was stolen. He is your answer! He knows everything about you and He knows what happened and what is missing. He also can emphathize with your hurt and pain. I would rather do the hard work of healing than the easy work of wallowing and let the emotional thief win. What about you?

Emotional theft and those that practice it will never win as long as we are willing to heal, learn from the experience and willing to try again. I'm not saying throw caution and common sense to the wind. What I am saying is allow yourself to be loved by those who do trully love you. Allow yourself to be healed. Allow God to love you and allow Him to heal you. His love has already won!

Until next time,


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