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Hollywood in Crisis

Hello everyone!

I have been thinking about the news from Hollywood lately, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, the list goes on. I have also been thinking of all the brave people who have been stepping into the light to tell their story, men and women and even children. Hollywood is definitely in crisis, a moral crisis. It's very reputation and soul is at stake now and I believe many in the community understand this to be true. I also believe many in the Hollywood community are as shocked as many of us are. I say this because there is never any way to really know what all of your colleagues are involved in and rumors are just that, rumors. They say art imitates life. This is life that should never be imitated. This is a reality that should never have been for many of the victims. I fear some in the Hollywood community have confused their fantasy lives and their characters with their real lives.

To the members of this community who have been accused of these things, I ask you to be honest. If you behaved dishonorably, say so. Yes there will be consequences and this may even end your careers as you know them but in the end, you will be able to live with yourselves. I would also ask you to get help. . There is hope for all who still live. There is hope for you and His name is Jesus. He can set you free from these things and will do so gladly and without hesitation. He already knew you had the problem anyway and guess what, He still loves you and He still died for you. That is real love, not the fantasies you have been feeding. People may be slow to forgive you or they may never forgive you, but Jesus will always forgive you, always. Please get help! I ask you to get both mental health help and spiritual help, please!

To the victims who came out into the light and told the world what happened to them, I am so very proud of you! That took alot of strength and determination! You no longer have to be afraid! The dominoes have begun to fall, both big and small. They can not harm you now. Their power over you is gone! Their power over many things is gone. Be free to live your lives without shame! Jesus is your answer for healing as well. He knows everything about you and you are not dirty to him because of anything that was done or said to you. You may wonder why He did not stop those who harmed you. All I can tell you is He takes away no one's free will - even if they intend to do harm -to do so would be to take away love. He is love so He can not go against His character. I would ask you to forgive, I did not say forget, I said forgive. Do not allow your abusers to have control over you by not forgiving them. To forgive them is to be free of them! Walk now in the light! You are free!

And lastly, to the Motion Picture Association of America, you have done well in the last few days. I know these are your colleagues and people you trusted, some you may have worked with and known for many years. I know this hurts. I know this is hard. I ask you to continue to do the right thing. The right thing will help the Hollywood community as a whole, the victims and those accused. This can not be tolerated! Thank you for taking a stand! Continue to stand!

There is still good in Hollywood and now it is time to show the nation you are still good. I believe in you!

Thank you from a movie buff,


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