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Hear Me Good Men!

Hello everyone! 

Today, once again, I want to address the good men of the world. Men who love their wives, girlfriends and mothers. This won't be a long blog. Men there are some things I really want you to get from this today.

Just as I have called the good men to the table to help us fight injustice and violence I want to remind the good men of the world that we love you! 

We love you no matter what is going on. We love you and want to help you no matter what your insecurity may be. Talk to us, confide in us, we want to help you. We will not reject you - we will be thrilled you chose to draw close and tell us what it going on in your world. We are not afraid of bad news. We are not afraid of your fears. When you keep these things to yourself, you create distance and stress for both of us. We want to know what is going on in your world! We value your world too!  

No matter what is going on in your world, we will not see see you as stupid, incompetent or a failure. Those are lies in your head and they are your worst fears where we are concerned. When we say we love you and we are there for you, that is exactly what we mean. Any woman who says "I love you" and then turns around and condemns you for anything does not know what love is. She herself is afraid. 

Men, if you remember nothing else from this blog, remember this: no matter what your past was like, you do not have to be your father, grandfather, or uncle. Your past does not have to be your future. You do not have to be like anyone except you!  

YOU are loved and valued by us and by God! We love you and we root for you always! 

Hear me good men, hear me!! 


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