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What If Life Had an Undo Button?

Hello everyone!

It's a nice undo button isn't it? Sometimes what I would not do for an "Undo button" in life. A way to easily reverse what I have set in motion or completely erase it all together. I think we all desire the easy way out sometimes - a way out of our bad decisions or something someone else is doing to us.

What if life had an undo button and we could simply just erase a situation or our past? What would that be like? I think it would be almost God-like as I believe He is the only one capable of undoing anything. Now ask yourself this? Would I be a better person with an "Undo button." Would I learn anything? Would I appreciate anything or anyone? Would an "Undo button" make me more proud or more humble?

I, for one, believe it would be boring and I hate being bored. You would never learn anything new about yourself. I also believe it would give one a false sense of control over everything and everyone which is impossible. Too much control breeds arrogance and pride in humans. We humans are never good at playing God- history has show us that. Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying go after bad or hurtful things. I am saying bad and hurtful things many times shape us into better people - they develop our character. I would not give up the last three years of my life for anything. Yes, I went through some tough things but I also learned some great things about myself, other people and the Lord! If I had hit "undo" I may have never learned those things. My character may have never gotten any better. I can tell you my character is better now than it was three years ago. I also believe an "Undo button" would take away the choices of other people - you would in essence control the choices of other people if you didn't like something. That is dangerous and frankly scary.

Ladies and gentlemen, it may sound like a great idea but we are better off without a life "Undo button." Life would be too predictable, boring and rigid. Be wary of anyone or anything that promises you that you can "undo" whatever you want or control whomever or whatever you want - they can only offer you heartache.

Learn from your mistakes. Don't look for the easy way out. Stay humble and tuned into your choices and the choices of others. We don't need an "Undo button", we need character development and responsibility.

In closing, it is not in undoing our past or our present that we find ourselves or our purpose. It is allowing our past and our present to teach us lessons that shape our future and the future of others. What we do with our past and present is up to us. What we do with out purpose is up to us. What we do with our character and our responsibility is up to us. Let's focus less on "undoing" and more on doing the hard work of healing and learning about who we really are. I promise you that you won't regret it!

No "Undo Buttons" allowed,


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