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Abuse is About Control - Cut the Strings!

Hello everyone!

Not too long ago, I wrote about abuse and all about the lies that surround it. Abusers of all kinds have another anchor that they use, that anchor is control. That control is just like that of master puppeteer with all of his marionettes. Abusers use the strings of control to get their victims to do exactly what they want. I think today's picture illustrates this well.

The strings represent different things - money, sex, basic needs, violence, emotions, words, children, other friends, family, possessions, the list goes on. They use each control string differently to get the desired response. They jerk their victim around until they are lifeless and numb, seeking only to be left alone - for there to be some peace, any peace.

I am here to tell you those puppeteer strings can be cut! No one has any right to control you! God created you to be free! He created you uniquely and to be loved uniquely by a person that treasures you and values you. An abuser neither treasure you nor values you, they only treasure and value themselves and are therefore incapable of real love. These "puppeteers" don't even know what loves is and they only practice what love is not. They can never run from the truth and the light. It will catch up to them. When they run into the truth and the light, they run into the one Person they can't control - God Himself.

How do I cut these strings you ask? You start with a support system that believes in you. You start from a safe place! You remove yourself from this evil. You can't help them, only God can do that - and that is only if they will let Him. You look at who you really are and who God says you are, not at who your abuser tried to tell you that you are.

Remember, abusers are above all other things liars. Lying and control go hand in hand. They can't have one without the other. They can't stand not being in control but to do that, they must lie or all things fall down. I am here to tell you all things eventually fall down anyway. And boy when those strings fall off from the puppeteer's hands! Oh happy day!

If you are reading this and you long for freedom, to be out from under the control of someone who you once thought loved you, take your first step. Get out! Go to a safe place and surround yourself with people who do love you. From this place of safety begin to cut the strings - cut them all, emotional, mental, physical and financial. Be done with it! Be done with allowing evil to trample you under foot! You were meant to live in freedom! Live free once again! And above all, never go back! You are stronger than you think or could ever imagine.

Living free and never going back,


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